Why Global Advanced Botanicals?

Third Party Lab-Tested. A Practice that not all CBD providers adhere to, due to its financial implications. GAB is constant in this practice, ensuring that the CBD oil is of premium quality, safe and potent.

Broad Spectrum Cannabinoids = CBD + CBG + CBN + TERPENES. The process is a supercritical CO2 extraction, which is safe, gentle and ideal for producing top quality CBD and Terpenes. Free of solvents, pesticides, metal + unnatural substances.

Winterization is the process that removes lipids, fats, and solvents creating the purest form of CBD Concentrate. Last but most importantly is the land where it is grown, cultivation process and maintaining it free from any pesticides or insecticides. GAB does frequent unannounced trips to the grower to ensure the organic, premium quality, effectiveness, and potency of all products.

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