Water Soluble CBD 450 MG


Total CBD = CBD + (CBD-A * 0.877). Total THC = THCA-A * 0.877 + Delta 9 THC. T-Caryophyllene = Trans-Caryophyllene, ND = Not Detected, QNS = Quantity Not Sufficient. (%) = Percent, (ppm) = Parts per Million, (cfu) = Colony Forming Unit, (ppb) = Parts per Billion, (Âμg/Kg) = Microgram per Kilogram, (mg/g) = Milligram per Gram.

Our water soluble organic whole flower extract is obtained using vegetable glycerin and added cane alcohol. This extraction process allows the hemp flower to remain intact as the cannabinoids and terpenes are separated. This gentle but efficient process causes no destruction of the phytonutrients present in the hemp flower. The result is a pleasantly sweet CBD extract that easily dissolves in liquids. It is a great additive to your morning cup of coffee, tea or preferred beverage.


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